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Discover the most effective, permanent cure to mouth odor also know as Halitosis

As a Nigerian, what disease are you most likely to suffer from?
Answer: It's not cancer, it's not cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease, it's not diabetes, it's oral disease called Halitosis

The old saying goes well: "Good teeth, good appetite, good taste, good health"

The WHO oral health standards are: clean teeth, no caries, no pain, normal gum color, and no bleeding.

According to the research data of dentistry in the world, the global incidence of oral diseases currently accounts for 74% of the global population.

Only 0.22% of adults achieve good oral hygiene, and 97% of adults have unhealthy periodontal health.

Nearly 500 different kinds of bacteria can be isolated from the oral cavity. Most people have 200 billion in the oral cavity. Those who do not pay attention to the oral cavity will have 1 trillion bacteria in the oral cavity.

There is no shame in having halitosis (or bad breath as it is commonly know for). In fact 95% of us suffer from bad at some time in our lives, and one in four adults suffer from bad breath on a regular basis.
Bad breath usually stems from poor oral hygiene ( including neglecting the tongue area which host the bacteria that causes bad breath). However, smoking and drinking too much alcohol contributes.


• Food: This is the common cause of bad breath in Nigeria. Why? Because everybody eats. For example, foods like garlic, onions, coffee, and spicy foods can give your mouth temporary bad odour. That is why it is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day (morning and night)

• Tobacco: Smoking has several negative side effects and we are strong advocates of living a smoke-free life. Smoking and tobacco use causes bad breath, oral cancer, stained teeth, and irritated gums. All these are the reasons why we advocate against smoking.

• Dental Issues: Mouth odour can also be caused by dental issues. Examples are cavities, gum diseases, and crowded teeth.

• Bacteria: The average Nigerian does not brush regularly, let alone floss or visit the dentist. As a result, the chances are high that bacteria will build up in your mouth, thus leading to mouth odour.

• Dry Mouth: Have you ever gone for a long time without food and water and notice that even though you brush your teeth, your mouth still smells? That is because the lack of saliva creates dry mouth which in turn causes bad breath. Other causes of dry mouth include smoking, side effects of some drugs, or breathing through your mouth ( maybe as a result of a blocked nose). Another reason for dry mouth could be a symptom of an underlying health concern.

• Disease: Finally, diseases can also cause mouth odour. Examples of these diseases include sinus infections, tonsillitis, respiratory issues and in some cases, even diabetes. To make matters worse, some medications used to treat these diseases can cause dry mouth – which makes the smelly mouth even worse.



Due to human physical characteristics, various functions 9d the body will run slowly after entering sleep, metabolism will slow down, breathing will slow down and the body protective barrier functions will be relative weakened

- After going to sleep, the anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity enter an active period relying on the human body temperature and oral nutrients to multiply
- After going to sleep, the amount of saliva secreted is greatly reduced, which reduces self cleaning of the oral cavity, and also provides conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and plaque.
- After going to sleep, oral metabolites also increase significantly and accumulate in the periodontal, causing oral disease as gingivitis.

Why do I have so many problems when I brush my teeth every day?

The Human Physiological Function Research Center found that: the oral environment is very different during the day and night. Only by taking targeted care according to different oral environments can oral problems be solved. But most people don't understand it, which leads to wrong methods in oral care.

Food contains a lot of pigments during the day, which will adhere to the surface of teeth and erode teeth. Therefore, the focus of oral care during the day is defense!

There is little saliva secretion at night, and the bacteria that breed is 7 times the total amount of bacteria during the day. Not only will it corrode the teeth, but it will also be particularly uncomfortable after waking up the next day. It will be sour,      bitter, smelly, slimy... So, at night. The focus of oral care is antibacterial


Because of low cost competition in the Toothpaste market especially here in Nigerian, industry restriction and distortion of customer value, 99% of the main ingredients of Toothpaste in the market uses cheap detergents, carcinogenic sodium saccharine as sweeteners and can damage tooth enamel. Calcium carbonate as abrasive..

- Obviously Toothpaste is imported, buy the price is much cheaper than skin care products

The beginning...

I was a secondary school teacher teaching in one of the top private schools here in Nigeria, tutoring hundreds of students weekly but I never knew I had bad breath(halitosis) so bad that I started noticing my students giving me some distance whenever I'm explaining and guiding them during class periods.

Asked my close pals and colleagues at work and I realize while asking them, they are covering their noses and mouth which made me feel so ashamed and embarrassed. Also they've known this for months and non of them was able to tell me my breath stinks.

The following weekend, I went to visit a dentist, washed my mouth and all I was told to brush my teeth twice daily and was  prescribed some toothpaste and mouthwash for me but all was just temporary. Some weeks later because after few hours of brushing my teeth, the bad and stinky smell erupts back strongly.

It got so bad I was summoned by the school administrative to take a two weeks break to get my bad breath solved because they know how competent I am with my job. I love to teach and impact young ones positively, it's my passion but two weeks of break turned to two years of suffering from bad breath(halitosis) hindering me from doing what I am passionate about (Teaching).

The breakthrough...

A particular evening, I was reading a news online on NBC ( USA broadcasting station)only to stump on a display ads on my mobile app about organic products that cures halitosis (bad breath) permanently and I was so eager to get it but it I couldn't afford it but after seeing the products and reading the testimonials, I was really convinced my bad and stinky breath will be gone for good.

So I instantly reached out to make inquiry and I was told it will be shipped down to Nigeria and it will cost me a total sum of 126 US dollars (#52, 600) for a set of the organic oral products. I was very sad because I didn't have a job so I couldn't order it at that moment

2 weeks later, I was able to get a loan from a friend to order it down to Nigeria, few days later it was delivered to my address

It was an unexplainable experience, after using these organic products for 7 days, ALL my mouth diseases including my stinking bad breath vanished. I was and I am totally FREE from MOUTH ODOUR(HALITOSIS) for good.

I immediately shared my testimony to Dr.... and also asked if I can get these wonderful solution to bad breath and oral diseases in large quantities to help countless people who is going through HALITOSIS here in NIGERIA, After a lengthy discussions and bargaining just to scrap the shipping fee, a deal was struck and 650 packs is right here in Nigeria. 

Procrastinating is not an option 

Get Yours Now Before It runs Out of Stock. 

Here are the Organic products..

Norland Herbal & Vital Probiotic Toothpaste

Healthway B-Carotene Capsule

Norland Herbal toothpaste

Form a protective layer, long-lasting multiple mouthguards

Norland herbal toothpaste, protects teeth against decay. It strengthens tooth enamel, helps to safely remove plaque and stains formed in teeth with brushing It contains anti pain killing properties and more.

*Herbal essence ingredients are gentle and non-irritating
*Reduce dental plaque and maintain healthy gums
*Tooth guard and tooth decay prevention
*Isolate pigment, brighten teeth without hurting teeth

Vital Probiotics toothpaste(Night Use)

Improve nocturnal oral problems from the root cause

The new application of microcapsule coating, the perfect combination of probiotics and slow-release technology. After brushing the teeth, it slowly releases lactobacilli, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, and balances the oral colonies and continue to break down oral metabolites throughout the night to help the oral cavity self-clean

*Patented antibacterial ingredients
*Natural plant essence
*8 hours long lasting antibacterial
*Block bad breath

β-carotene Capsules

*β-carotene has protective effects on Lung and most parts of microvascular tissue,
*It can effectively inhibit lipid peroxidation and remove excess free radicals in the body membrane.
a lipid-soluble antioxidant,
*Beta-carotene is responsible for protecting the hypoxic parts of the body Like tiny blood vessels in the muscles.
*Beta-carotene serves as antioxidant which neutralize and protects the oral cells from attack and damage

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